Refuse & Recycling

Refuse Collection

The Borough has elected to allow individual property owners to contract with the haulers they choose for refuse and recyclable collection and disposal.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to correctly store trash and recyclables prior to collection. 


Adamstown requires refuse haulers to collect recyclables at least once a week. Recyclables included in the program are glass, aluminum cans and all other metal food and beverage cans and newspaper. Each property should have a recycle bin which can be filled with the recyclable items (if yours is missing, please contact your hauler). There is no need to separate bottles and cans by color or type. All items can be placed in the recycle bin (newspapers need to be bundled or bagged and put on top of the bin or at its side). Also included in the program is a separate collection for tires, large appliances and yard waste (including grass clippings). Collection of these materials needs to be coordinated with your hauler. There is an additional fee for pick-up and disposal.